Friday, June 19, 2015

Saito Hajime Design

We have another design from the Rurouni Kenshin (aka Samurai X) series !

This time, it is a simple, red shadowy design of the Mibu Wolf, Saito Hajime.

The shirts and other items are red, and has a very neat look with a black or other dark background. But any background would fit, really.

Here is a picture of the men's and women's t-shirt:

And here is the link to the whole sets:

The above design has the two Saito's.

On the left side, you have the 'old' version of Saito, when he was still in the Shinsengumi group in Kyoto.

The right side is the 'new' Saito, still being a Mibu Wolf during the Meiji Period in Tokyo, Japan.

Both have a very bright red color, with his name underneath in white. Thus the black background to make it extra cool.

If you want to see more designs, be sure to visit our SpreadShirt shop here:

And if you have any ideas, any requests for t-shirt designs, be sure to write them in the comments !

Have a nice day, and see you next time!

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